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2010-08-25 11:30:59 (Link to this story)

Sketch Collectors Promo Card P01


The first Sketch Collectors promo card is now available! The front art was completed by one of my favorite artists, Irma "Aimo" Ahmed! These are two original characters created by Irma for this card with a little direction by myself. I will have plenty, but once these are gone, they're gone and I will print a second promo by another artist. The first convention this was available at was Star Wars Celebration 5 and it will also be available at Dragon*Con.

2010-08-18 23:20:56 (Link to this story)

Indiana Jones Masterpieces Artists

The other day I was wondering if there was an artist list for the Indiana Jones Masterpieces set. After checking Topps' site and finding none, I e-mailed them and they quickly provided a list. Many thank to David for the following:

Allison Sohn
Agnieszka Garbowska
Ben Curtis Jones
Brandon McKinney
Brent Engstrom
Brent Woodside
Brian Denham
Brian Kong
Brian Miller
Brian Rood
Bruce Gerlach
Bryan Morton
Carlo Sinfuego Soriano
Carolyn Edwards
Cat Staggs
Chris Henderson
Cynthia Cummens
Dan Bergren
Daniel Cooney
Davide Fabbri
Dennis Budd
Don Pedicini Jr.
Dwayne Clare
Edward Pun
Gabe Farber
Erik Maell
Gabe Hernandez
Howard Shum
Ingrid Hardy
Irma Ahmed
Jake Myler
Jamie Snell
Jason Davies
Jason Hughes
Jason Sobel
Javier Guzman
Jeff Carlisle
Jeff Scott Campbell
Jerry Vanderstelt
Jessica Hickman
Jim Kyle
Joanne Ellen Mutch
Joe Corroney
Joel Carroll
John McCrea
John Watkins-Chow
Jon Ocampo
Jonathan Morris
Justin Orr
Karen Krajenbrink
Kate Bradley
Kate Glasheen
Katie McDee
Ken Branch
Kevin Caron
Kevin Doyle
Kevin Graham
Kyle Babbitt
Lance Sawyer
Laura Martin
Leah Mangue
Lee Kohse
Lisa Redfern
Mark McHaley
Mark Walters
Matt Minor
Michael Duron
Mike Antrim
Nicole Falk
Noah Albrecht
Otto Dieffenbach
Patrick Richardson
Patrick Schoenmaker
Paul Gutierrez
Randy Martinez
Rich Molinelli
Rich Woodall
Sarah Wilkinson
Scott Zirkel
Spencer Brinkerhoff
Ted Dastick
Tod Smith
Tom Hodges
William O'Neil

2010-05-26 15:39:16 (Link to this story)

Sketch Collectors Interviews Topps About Sketch Card Handling

If you haven't already read it, there are some questions surfacing about how sketch cards are handled at Topps:
To be honest, this is something that has been talked about under the radar for quite some time but this is the first I've seen it said publicly.

The questions are about a certain eBay seller and their ability to post only the very best sketch cards. This wouldn't be a problem for most sellers that post fantastic pulls, but this seller ONLY posts fantastic pulls. Basically, they never post any very basic sketches or even sketches that would fetch average prices. A standard case-breaker would have both of these in quantity and no reason not to sell them for what they could get for them. This seller, never posts them.

This brings up the concern about how these cards are getting into their hands. Most assume some sort of back-door dealings either with or without Topps management's knowledge.

To get to the bottom of what's going on, I contacted David Waldeck at Topps, who answered all of my questions.

Sketch Collectors #1) How does Topps control sketch cards before and during the pack-insertion process? How do collectors and artists know that all sketches are making it into packs or at least being held back as replacements?

Topps) Sketch cards are returned to us sealed by the artist. Some of you may have seen those labels before. Once received by us here, the cards are opened, sorted, counted and basically run though an approval process. All non-approved cards are sent to the shredder and destroyed. Once those above steps have been completed, all sketches are locked away in a dead-bolted storage closet. There are similar closets on the premises for autographs, relics and original artwork. Several days before final pack-out is to occur, the sketches are packed and sent to whoever is assembling the product, this always varies by product. From there, the cards are re-counted and inserted into the sorters that put them into packs. It is at this step that the replacement cards are pulled at random and returned to Topps Customer Service. Each printer and co-packer has their own security staff observing pack-out, which is incredibly strict considering the rarity and historic value of many of the sports inserts.

SK #2) Does Topps ever give or sell sketch cards to employees, dealers, or anyone else instead of placing them in packs or keeping them as replacements?

Topps) Absolutely not. An overwhelming majority of cards are placed into packs. As you mentioned, the only cards that are held back are replacements.

SK #3) Is Topps aware of the seller mentioned [although not specifically] above? Has Topps received reports from concerned collectors?

Topps) We have received reports of a specific seller, and that case is being investigated.

SK #4) If so, was Topps previously aware of this?

Topps) Please see 4 above.

SK #5) Either way, is this being looked into and is there anything to report?

Topps) Please see 4 above.

Concerning replacement sketches:

SK #1) How are replacement cards chosen?

Topps) Entirely at random as they are being mixed into packs. This is to replicate the ratios found in the actual product. In some cases if an artist is late and does not meet the deadline, those cards may also be used as replacements.

SK #2) Are puzzle pieces (from multi-card panels) ever pulled as replacement cards?

Topps) If they are, and I am sure some do get pulled into the replacements allotment, it is totally random.

SK #3) What does Topps do with replacements that don't get used?

Topps) These are filed for future requests and kept until supplies are depleted. We still get replacement requests for the very first Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith and The Lord of the Rings Evolution.

I would personally like to thank David and Topps for answering these questions for the collectors.

If you would like to comment on this article, head over the the Scoundrel thread:

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