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Artist ImageThis site was initially designed to be a place for sketch collectors to show off the work of the artists they support. It has grown into much more now, with an active trading community and an all-in-one source for organizing collections.

Support Sketch Collectors: Subscriptions

While Sketch Collectors provides many of its core features absolutely FREE to site members, there is a special set of features reserved for those that support the site through a paid subscription. Below are both the core features and the subscription features. If you would like to subscribe, please see your Personal Settings page for pricing and payment information.

Legal Information

The core features of the site include:
  • Display up to 50 cards at a time while searching and browsing the largest collection of sketch card images anywhere.
  • Upload your own cards to the site. It's absolutely free with NO LIMITS!
  • Use the site as a sketch card image sharing server for such things as message boards.
  • Using the "My Collection" view, you can organize, display, and print your collection.
  • Send private messages to other members of the site to chat or to comment on individual cards.
  • Use the signature generator to generate composite images of any number of cards from your collection. This image can then be used in signatures on message boards.
  • Leave feedback for other collectors (while they leave feedback for you) to generate a healthy trading community.
  • Follow your favorite artists via the up-to-the-minute Ustream video feed monitor. This is where artists do their work live via video stream.

While the core features of the site continue to grow for all members, a subscription is now available to help support the site. With a site subscription you receive the following additional features:
  • NEW! Archive your uploaded collection to your PC in a convenient Zip file. It takes only seconds to generate and then download at your convenience.
  • Keep track of your favorite cards via a customized "My Favorites" list.
  • 5 custom database fields to aid in organizing your collection as you see fit.
  • Post comments on cards for all to see.
  • View up to 100 cards per page while browsing instead of the standard 50.
  • List cards for sale or trade to a very targeted group of collectors.
  • Get top priority on request features from the site's developers.

Please post your collections here and submit any bugs or feature suggestions through the link on the main menu.

If you have any questions, are interested in advertising on the site, or would like to support this site in any way, please e-mail Kris Kersey at:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • How do I use custom database fields?
    First, you must be subscribed to the site to have these available.
    Second, you must go to your "Personal Settings" page and fill in the header for each custom database field you wish to use.
    Finally, you can edit these new fields either in the My Collection view or on an individual card basis.

  • Feature 'fill in the blank' is not working!
    Please submit a bug report using the "Bug or Feature Form".

  • Artist 'insert name here' is not listed or is listed incorrectly!
    Please submit a bug report using the "Bug or Feature Form".

  • I paid for a subscription but it did not go through!
    Please send an e-mail to the address above and this will be fixed ASAP.

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